O’Donnell Moonshine
The following products will be available at the event, bottled in our distinctive O’Donnell Moonshine Mason Jars for off-site consumption:
‘Tough Nut’ (25% ABV) – Hazelnut and fine caramel notes paired with a hint of nougat (our best seller)
‘Very Cherry’ (20% ABV) – An intense cherry flavoured liqueur with notes of vanilla
‘Cookie’ (20% ABV) – Tastes like fresh, homemade cookies with subtle notes of chocolate
‘Macadamia’ (20% ABV) – Delicate nut liqueur with a pleasant sweetness and subtle notes of vanilla
‘Sticky Toffee’ (25% ABV)- Our Sticky Toffee is Reminiscent of the classic British pudding with a rich & smooth toffee flavour
‘Roasted Apple’ (20% ABV) – Fruity and sweet apple liquor with notes of almond, vanilla and cinnamon
‘Wild Berry’ (25% ABV) – Made from natural flavours of fresh berries and red summer fruits with notes of blackberry, raspberries and currants
‘High Proof’ (50% ABV) – Triple distilled wheat-based spirit, our original Moonshine.
Our Classic Mini Moonshine Set – 4 x 50ml Mini Moonshine jars in a set (Tough Nut, Sticky Toffee, Very Cherry and Wild Berry)
Tote Bags – A fabric branded tote bag
Pouring Lids – A custom Pouring Lid for our Mason Jars
We offer all of our 700ml jars and Pouring Lids in our branded O’Donnell Moonshine Gift Boxes.

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