Little bubble box

Bubble waffle and Bubble tea
“”Bubble Waffle”” is a very unique dessert, I keep to my traditional Hong Kong Bubble Waffle recipe to give our customers an authentic taste rather than using pre-made pancake or waffle mixture.
“”Bubbles Waffle”” are unlike the traditional waffle, which have a bumpy design that looks like a bunch of eggs. It can be eaten individually. “Bubbles Waffle” will be finished off with chocolate and various toppings, like Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and seasonal fruits along with cream or ice cream.
“”Bubble Tea”” is a Taiwanese tea-based drink serve with Tapioca ball. Bubble tea is such as a tea base mixed with milk tea, coffee, chocolate, mango and strawberry juice and matcha with chewy tapioca balls or juice pops


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