Fountain Bar at Sheffield Food Festival 2019
Peace Gardens – Pinstone St – Sheffield – S1 2HH

Situated at the heart of the event, the Fountain Bar offers a selection of the city’s most popular ales from our enviable range of independent breweries, as well as some from further afield.

The Fountain Bar is open from 11.00am – 6.00pm each day of the food festival and breweries on offer this year include:

4eyes Patisserie
Abbeydale Brewery

Moonshine: Their flagship beer, first brewed in 1996 and a firm favourite of Sheffield ever since. A beautifully balanced pale ale with a distinctive floral aroma, citrus flavours and a thirst-quenching finish. 4.3%

Heathen: A wonderfully refreshing American Pale Ale showcasing the wonderful Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with grapefruit and tropical flavours alongside a delicious punchy bitterness. 4.1% 

Birdhouse Tea Beer: A beautifully delicate pale ale with a slight pink tinge. Jasmine and Summer fruits on the aroma, with a floral fruitiness continuing on the palate and a hoppy edge for balance. This beer is made in collaboration with our neighbours and friends Birdhouse Tea Company, using a bespoke blend created especially for this beer. Unfiltered, unrefined and vegan friendly. 4.2%

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Bradfield Brewery

Farmers Blonde: A very pale brilliant Blonde beer with citrus and summer fruit aromas, making it an extremely refreshing and ‘easy drinking’ ale. 4.0%

Farmers Peach Ale: A light rosey ale with a Peach and citrus flavour and a refreshing taste. 3.9%

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Kelham Island Brewery

KIB One: a pale light and refreshing ale, it is not overly hoppy but quite subtle 4.2%

Pale Rider: The legendary golden hoppy pale ale, an award winning beer from its earliest days and still with the same great taste today. 5.2%

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Triple Point Brewery

S.IPA – Ale  – 4.5% – Session IPA – Supremely Citrussy, with orange, lemon, line and grapefruit from Chinook + Centennial. Dry Hopped with Cascade + Citra for a vibrant aroma.

Pilsner – Lager – 4.6% – Session Pilsner – Vegan – Blending British Floor malts, Premiant + Zatec hops with super soft Sheffield water. Fermented with Czech lager yeast and matured over 30 days for a flavour filled, smooth yet refreshing genuine pilsner.

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True North Brewery

SHEFFIELD PILSNER | 5.0% Our traditional pilsner brewed in the heart of the steel city using the finest pilsner malt combined with Czech Saaz and Tetnanger Hops, offering an initial malt sweetness followed by a crisp hoppy finish.

ELDON ST PALE |4.0% Light with clean caramel notes. Dry hopped for a delicate aroma and enriched hoppy flavour.

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Welbeck Brewery

Cavendish: a beautifully balanced blonde with crisp, zingy grapefruit flavours powering through. 5.0%

Pivo: Lubelski and Amethyst hopped continental lager style beer. Crisp and dry with more body than a traditional lager. Light fruit notes are dominant towards the end. 4.8%

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