4pm – 6pm in the Winter Gardens each day of the festival

Come along, be inspired and get involved in Food For Thought – a thought and action provoking programme of short talks and workshops in the Winter Gardens from 4pm – 6pm on each day of the Food Festival. Expect to engage with a diverse range of organisations exploring the issues, challenges and partnership opportunities to improve the health, equality, economy and sustainability of all things food and drink in Sheffield.

The Food For Thought programme is co-ordinated by festival partners, Regather Co-op. There will also be opportunities throughout the weekend to get involved in the creation of a Food Partnership for Sheffield and the development of Sheffield as a Sustainable Food City. Visit sustainablefoodcities.org for more info.


Saturday 27th May 4-6pm
Food, Climate Change & Global Justice

It’s a Food for Thought ‘takeover’ with Global Justice Sheffield and the Sheffield Climate Alliance Food Group! Expect a range of activities (serious & fun) exploring the relationship between food and climate change, issues of food sovereignty and social justice, and for some serious comedy – people dressed up as vegetables!


Sunday 28th May 4-6pm
Local Food Production – How Can We Feed Sheffield?

Local enterprise and community organisations involved in producing local food explore issues and ideas surrounding the BIG question – How Can We Feed Sheffield? Is this realistic? To what extent can we do it? A series of short opening presentations followed by questions to the panel and wider open discussion.

John Le Corney, Heeley City Farm (Chair)
Sue Pitt, International Tree Foundation, Fruitful Communities Project
Martin Bradshaw, Moss Valley Market Garden
Leon Ballin, Sustainable Food Cities


Monday 29th May, 4-6pm
Developing Skills for a Local & Sustainable Food System

What skills do we need to create a local and sustainable food system for Sheffield? What are the best ways for people to learn these skills? What is the role for community-based learning? A series of short opening presentations followed by questions to the panel and wider open discussion.

Yvonne O’Donovan, Real Food Champion (Chair)
Firas, Open Kitchen Social
Lucy Corcoran, Abundance
Andrew Cowell, Whirlow Hall Farm





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